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Driving Diversity in Technology

I am writing to ask you to consider becoming part of the Driving Diversity in Technology working group at CompTIA. It is a well-known fact that organizations that embrace a diverse workforce make better business decisions and are more successful

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Aiming everywhere is not a strategy. Define your target for winning business results.


I work with the heads of sales at technology companies: carriers, vendors, MSPs and VARs. As part of my discovery I often ask, “Who is your target customer?” Before I even ask my question, I know their response, “SMBs [or

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A Tale of Two Channel Organizations

Once upon a time there were two channel organizations, both in the same big city serving the same niche market, with plenty of business to go between them. Signing customers and making money hand over fist, the two owners, Hortense

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LinkedIn Is a Serious Resource for Your Winning Team

With an 11-year online presence and 313 million members, LinkedIn is the B2B network that you cannot afford to leave out of your sales channels. LinkedIn is the network with none of the cacophonous schmooze of Facebook; it’s the one serious online

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The Old-School Sales Trick You Should Learn To Love

It’s easy to turn your back on old-school sales tactics. After all, the Internet and resources like LinkedIn, cell phones and social selling have transformed the way we interact with and sell to others. But there’s one trick that’s well

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Working the (LinkedIn) Room

Years ago I worked for a large non-profit organization and was invited to attend a major donor event. Before the event, the Vice President of Major Giving took our team aside and gave us a lesson about working the room.

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Screw The Audience | 4 Speaking Tips to Live By

So, you are speaking at a conference? It’s great marketing and it’s not so bad for the ego, either. Since you are getting ready to take the main stage (or perhaps main stage adjacent) I thought I would give you

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LinkedIn Signature Templates for Your Email

If you are struggling to build a professional looking email signature, LinkedIn provides a tool that can help! Who knew? Go to to get started. Below are three samples of the many graphic options you can choose: Happy Networking!

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Friend or Frenemy? Sometimes it makes sense to remove a LinkedIn connection.

Often times we make a habit of connecting with co-workers and strategic alliances. It’s good business to do so, because they may have some insight into an account or relationships that we can leverage to get new business. But what

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LinkedIn Share Code – A Powerful Way to Drive More Users to Your Site

Let your followers easily share your content, blogs, videos and more on LinkedIn with a share link or button. Here’s the coding format for a PLAIN TEXT HTML link to share your content on LinkedIn: <a href=”;url=;title=Article Tile Goes Here&amp;summary=Put

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