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Aiming everywhere is not a strategy. Define your target for winning business results.


I work with the heads of sales at technology companies: carriers, vendors, MSPs and VARs. As part of my discovery I often ask, “Who is your target customer?” Before I even ask my question, I know their response, “SMBs [or

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Coaching Customer Advocates to Help You Close More Deals

You just had the perfect sales meeting. The prospect agreed that your solution is perfect, the company has the budget, the need and their goal to implement said solution is immediate. Virtual high-five, right? And then, wait for it… no,

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How Do You Enable Your Sales Force To Win?

As a business, you make strategic investments in products and marketing and make growth projections against those investments. And when your growth doesn’t align to your forecasts, the business points its finger at sales. However, the major reason sales fail

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