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LinkedIn Is a Serious Resource for Your Winning Team

With an 11-year online presence and 313 million members, LinkedIn is the B2B network that you cannot afford to leave out of your sales channels. LinkedIn is the network with none of the cacophonous schmooze of Facebook; it’s the one serious online

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LinkedIn Signature Templates for Your Email

If you are struggling to build a professional looking email signature, LinkedIn provides a tool that can help! Who knew? Go to to get started. Below are three samples of the many graphic options you can choose: Happy Networking!

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Friend or Frenemy? Sometimes it makes sense to remove a LinkedIn connection.

Often times we make a habit of connecting with co-workers and strategic alliances. It’s good business to do so, because they may have some insight into an account or relationships that we can leverage to get new business. But what

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LinkedIn Share Code – A Powerful Way to Drive More Users to Your Site

Let your followers easily share your content, blogs, videos and more on LinkedIn with a share link or button. Here’s the coding format for a PLAIN TEXT HTML link to share your content on LinkedIn: <a href=”;url=;title=Article Tile Goes Here&amp;summary=Put

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If I could promise you a 16.3% year over year increase in sales, would you take LinkedIn more seriously?

Today, I want to talk to you about Social Selling. Social selling is a term that has gained momentum in the past few years to describe the process of helping potential customers become actual ones through social channels. To be

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Symbols to spice up your LinkedIn profile

Guest Post By: Brynne Tillman Throughout my LinkedIn training career I have worked on thousands of profile makeovers. I am always working toward ensuring that my client’s branding message is coming across, that the first impression the viewer sees is

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