How Do You Enable Your Sales Force To Win?

As a business, you make strategic investments in products and marketing and make growth projections against those investments. And when your growth doesn’t align to your forecasts, the business points its finger at sales. However, the major reason sales fail is due to the organization’s lack of focus on sales enablement.

Sales enablement allows the sales team a better idea of the buyers and territories. It helps them focus their energies and strategies towards a winning and achieving that goal. Most importantly, sales enablement aligns an organization’s strategic revenue initiatives with sales execution. Successful sales enablement, in short, will lead your sales force towards victory.

Sales enablement is an organization’s responsibility and the organization must be able to identify and eliminate hurdles that block the sales force’s path to success.

So, it is time for businesses to stop shifting blame and start enabling sales to win.

And how can you do it?

By simply understanding the following areas of sales and focusing your sales force energy on improving these aspects.

Sales Process

A sales force fails when the sale process is not beneficial for sellers. Improving the sales process is the key to successful sales enablement. You should ask yourself, how much non-sales “stuff” is your sales team encumbered with? Are the activities that your sales team engaged in revenue generating? If not, how can you remove non-revenue generating activities (the “stuff’) to allow them the time to be more productive?

Sales and Marketing Automation

The success of sales force quite clearly starts with the alignment of the marketing department with the sales team. Sales and marketing automation allows both the teams to work in complete coordination. They can share and access useful insight and use this information to effectively carry out campaigns.

And while the concept of marketing automation has been around for years, the developments in sales automation has grown tremendously over the past few years and deserves some recognition. Applications available as plugins to the CRM include self-service list building, credit check capabilities, analysis that includes the ability to understand which suspects are going through change (growing, shrinking, etc.), social media tools at the account and contact level, integrated playbooks, e-signature and much more. The ability to enable your sales team to be self-sufficient, smart and effective is tantamount.

Sales Messaging

Another major reason behind the failure of a sales force is poorly designed sales messaging. Sales messaging is about taking a 50,000 foot brand message and making it applicable to the buyer. It is the street level messaging that sales can use to teach a customer into the funnel and speaks to the buyers who aren’t in the market for your services already, but should be.   Therefore, businesses must focus on targeted sales messaging as well as the channels through which the message reaches the prospects.

Sales Development

Sales environment and requirements keep changing. Once again, it’s the organization’s responsibility to ensure that the team is able to adapt to the changes and grow in the new sales environment. For this purpose, you must have solid on boarding and ongoing development initiatives in place for your sales team and more importantly sales management. In addition to product training, your training should incorporate your product-level sales messaging that demonstrates to your sellers how to teach customers into the funnel.

Improvement in these four areas of sales will facilitate successful sales enablement. Higher sales will in turn improve your overall revenues and your sales force will develop a habit of winning.

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