Sales Enabled Episode #08 – Rober Ruiz on How To Create A High Performance Sales Culture That Delivers Sustainable Growth

Check out this episode of the Sales Enabled podcast with Rober Ruiz. In this episode, Rober and Dan dive into the importance of Sales Culture and how to balance a focus on high-performance while maintaining a people-centric approach that delivers sustainable growth.

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In episode 8 of Sales Enabled, Dan is speaking with his good friend Rober Ruiz. Rober has held Vice-President roles at Groupon and WeWork, C Suite roles at Groupon (Spain) and at Taster, and in this conversation we get into a topic that both of us hold close at heart which is Sales Culture. 

In this conversation, Rober and Dan discuss what makes a good Sales Culture, discussing how to find the balance between a high-performance machine and creating an environment for people to succeed and grow with a sense of security. With many companies who recently focused on blitzscaling and hyper-growth finding themselves rightsizing, many salespeople are looking for companies that are focused on sustainable growth, and that is associated with a strong sales culture. 

Specifically, in this episode, some of the talking points include:

  • What should salespeople look for in a company’s sales culture, and what questions to ask to decide if it is a good fit for them
  • What can a sales leader do to create a strong sales culture (and how does this compare to ChatGPT’s list of 10 recommended activities)
  • Why Rober loves Gifs and donuts
  • What role does training and enablement play in sales culture, and how leadership and enablement should be working together

This is a must listen for sales leaders who are responsible for setting the culture at their company, especially if they are looking to attract and retain talent given the changing economy. 

About Rober Taracido Ruiz 

Rober has held Vice-President roles at Groupon and WeWork, C Suite roles at Groupon (Spain) and at Taster. Managing teams from 60 to 350 FTEs across the globe, together they have generated more than 2B GBP in revenues. Holding strong views in favour of enablement being a continuous job more than an onboarding task, he enjoys the most building high-performing teams that accept sales as a profession. He defines himself as intensely curious, purpose-driven, energetic and gregarious. You can find Rober on LinkedIn here –

Dan Storey
Dan Storey is the author of Next Level Persuasion. Having trained thousands of salespeople across the world in NLP and Persuasion, Dan is experienced at bringing the essential tools and techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and psychology and teaching them in a business context that can be immediately applied in a sales context. Dan also regularly contributes to his personal blog at and also recently completed his MSc in Behavioural Psychology to gain even more insight into how we make decisions and can be influenced.