marketingCustomers are making sales decisions without you. With access to content and third party social and referral sources, your sales teams are being treated like procurement – like order takers – called on for pricing by your prospects.

In this new sales environment you need marketing to lead prospects into the sales funnel. In today’s environment you must teach customers into the sales cycle, tell them something they don’t know in a way that drives action and leads them exclusively to your business.

Great marketing programs begin with great prospects.

Do you know who your highest probability and most profitable customers are? Marketing programs without segmentation can lead to poor results. Working with Sales Enabled, we will help you identify your high probability verticals, decision makers and their buying criteria. This data in conjunction with an understanding of your prospect universe will help your marketing and sales teams target your most profitable opportunities now.

Demand Generation Programs

Once you have identified your prospects, it’s imperative to build compelling multi-channel content that teaches your customer into the funnel. It’s also important to understand what channels drive customer behavior v. the channels that drive prospect behavior; they are different. Today’s demand generation content brings insight to prospects, compels them to respond to a previously unidentified need in a context that compels them to take action with your solution, and takes into account the different buying behaviors of existing customers versus prospects.

From Segmentation to Revenue

Ultimately, your marketing programs are only as good as the revenue they generate. From segmentation, to demand generation and lead capture, to sales engagement and ultimately win/loss reporting analyzing and investing in your marketing programs are an imperative in today’s sales environment. Let Sales Enabled help your organization improve their go to customer marketing capabilities.