growthAre your sales and marketing channels focused on the right markets, accounts, opportunities and solutions? Are your sales teams taking the right approach to the customer engagement? Are your marketing teams promoting insights or products? Does your sales process enable sales to be productive or are they mired in reporting and paperwork requirements?

As we seek to build a client-specific program, Sales Enabled will help you answer these questions and uncover your current strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis starts by identifying your sales model, current processes, selling resource structure including marketing, compensation and rewards systems and the technologies used to support the sales system. The result is a clear picture of your current environment.

From this vantage point, Sales Enabled will identify internal best practices. This snapshot is then compared to external industry best practices. Opportunities for optimization and improvement will surface by layering both the internal and external comparisons over the current state.

As a result of the sales and marketing analysis you will get a clear view of your sales and marketing organization’s strengths and weaknesses, internal areas of excellence, external best-practices and a prioritized list of areas primed for optimization based on opportunity and level of effort.