funnelWe help sales professionals improve their performance by creating a variety of custom-built training programs and workshops that deliver a measurable return on investment. Whether it is sales on boarding or ongoing sales training, we’ll incorporate your best practices and processes into an actionable learning program. We’ll even give you the tools to measure the success of each training intervention so you have the capabilities to determine where your training is succeeding and where you have an opportunity to improve your development approach.

Sales On Boarding

Sales on boarding is a talent development process that helps new sales people become fully engaged, revenue generating members of your organization.

At Sales Enabled, we work with your sales leadership and top performers to create an experience that supports a new hire’s success in the field and throughout your organization. We then scale the content to be delivered in a pace and through a delivery mechanism that aligns to the sales environment and goals of your organization.

Together we design a program and build content to equip sales with product knowledge, sales skills and a standardized sales process to ensure a consistent client experience to help drive business results.

Ongoing Sales Training

In today’s environment the role of sales has changed. Customers are engaging sales much later in the buying process both informed and knowledgeable, price sensitivity is significant, the number of people involved in every deal has increased and the threshold for risk is down. As such, today’s seller needs to understand how to teach customers into the sales funnel, how to challenge a decision makers thought process and share relevant insights. And more than ever, they need to understand how to engage prospects in a way that builds preference for themselves and your company’s solutions.

Whether you are rolling out a new product, campaign or insight or want to up skill your sales force, Sales Enabled can build and deliver the content that engages your sales teams to improve their performance and increase their sales.