processAsk yourself, can a competitor put their logo on your sales tools? If so, then your tools are hindering your sales.

Building effective sales tools – collateral, data sheets, site sellers, website content – is an imperative in today’s selling environment. But often companies suffer by using collateral to talk about all of a product or service’s features and specs. By doing so, you set your solution up for comparison to that of your competitors, pinning one service against the other.

Great sales tools help sales people engage decision makers. They challenge decision makers to think differently, they create pain that leads a customer to action. They speak to a customer’s issues and how you adeptly and uniquely meet their challenges. And great sales tools help non-decision makers teach decision makers about issues and solutions that encourage resolution now.

Sales Enabled can help your company take a fresh approach to its sales tools, building insight and values into the content in a way that creates preference for your company’s solutions.