The Old-School Sales Trick You Should Learn To Love

It’s easy to turn your back on old-school sales tactics. After all, the Internet and resources like LinkedIn, cell phones and social selling have transformed the way we interact with and sell to others. But there’s one trick that’s well worth revisiting, and it’s as easy as saying two simple words. Read on to learn why you should embrace the art of the simple thank you.

Simple Gratitude

At first glance, it seems ridiculous to suggest that the words “thank you” are the key to anything, much less a respected tool in any sales professional’s arsenal. But go deeper and you’ll soon realize these words are quite powerful. Being thanked can catch your prospect off guard and make them feel important. That warm fuzzy is likely to carry over to other interactions and color future conversations. And saying thanks isn’t just good for the person being thanked. In fact, psychologists believe that expressions of gratitude can be good for your health, too.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Unfortunately, modern-day life often precludes simple expressions of thanks. Sure people are busy, but does that mean they shouldn’t take time to acknowledge others? Luckily, their lack of manners is your opportunity. When you say a heartfelt thank you, you’re setting yourself apart from the crowd. You’re also making yourself vulnerable by putting your wholehearted focus and attention on your prospect. That differentiation can make you more memorable and more likely to be approached again and again.

Time Out

So why’s saying thank-you so effective? The secret lies in time. When you take a few minutes to write a heart-felt (or better yet, handwritten) note or look another person in the eyes, you’re telling your prospect that they matter more than your next phone call, email, appointment or interaction. You’re telling them that they matter—and that can really matter. But beware: the hurried thank you has no place in a smart social seller’s arsenal. Whenever possible, opt for personalized or in-person expressions of gratitude. They’ll come off as more authentic and be more memorable to your prospect. And who knows? You might just find yourself being grateful for your latest sale.


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