The End of Effective Activity Management

In today's sales environment, the sales cycle has gotten longer, there are more people involved in every deal, the customer is smarter about you and your competition and price sensitivity is higher. As a result wins and revenue per deal are down.

The days of activity management as your basis for sales success is over. Enabling your sales teams to be more productive, have the right kinds of conversations with the right people while generating demand for your services is now an imperative.

Improve Your Revenue Position

Customers are making sales decisions without you. With access to content and third party social and referral sources, your sales teams are being treated like procurement — like order takers — called on for pricing by your prospects.

Your sales people have to do more to win. You have to enable them to be more productive. You have to create content that will teach your customers into the funnel and you have to enable your sales people to have the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

Why Work With Sales Enabled?

As a business, you make strategic investments in products and marketing and make growth projections against those investments. And when your growth doesn't align to your forecasts, the business points its finger at sales.

We help you determine and close your sales execution gaps from unproductive sales processes to poor sales messaging, from inadequate skills to poorly designed marketing programs, Sales Enabled helps you improve your go to market capabilities.