Sales Enabled Episode #11 – Anthony Parker on How Sales Leaders And Sales Enablement Can Work Together Effectively To Get Results

In Episode 11, Dan Storey is speaking with Anthony Parker about how sales leaders can get the most of out their sales enablement teams and what that relationship should look like to maximise impact and results.

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In episode 11, Dan is speaking with Anthony Parker, a revenue leader helping companies launch or accelerate profitable growth in the UK, Europe, and EMEA. Anthony is MD in EMEA for the sales enablement platform Mindtickle and so is in an interesting position when it comes to sales enablement, both needing to enable his own sales teams as well as selling this as a service into other businesses. His perspective on how sales enablement teams should be best setup and engaged is an important lesson for all sales leaders and sales enablement practitioners to understand. 

Specifically in the conversation, Dan and Anthony dive into the following topics:

  • Why a leader of a sales enablement company pokes holes at the sales enablement industry 
  • Why the phrase “let’s do some enablement” gets on his nerves so much 
  • Why companies should consider moving all teams under the umbrella of Revenue
  • Why Sales Enablement needs to evolve and stop being seen as a cost centre
  • How salespeople can reclaim their time and where they should invest those extra hours
  • How sales leaders need to work with their sales enablement team to get the best results
  • Why sales enablement needs to do less, go deeper, and measure impact 

This is a really interesting conversation from a senior sales leader working within the sales enablement industry and gives real insights into how sales organisations can best work with their enablement teams to generate the results they want. 

About Anthony Parker 

Since 2019, Anthony has been leading a bootstrapped region within a heavily backed global SaaS Unicorn. He is a revenue leader helping companies launch or accelerate profitable growth in the UK, Europe, and EMEA, and has deep scaling experience with Series B>C>D>E in European and US HQ Orgs from 0-25% of global revenue. Anthony has a strong focus on sales process, especially MEDDPICC, and has real-world, extensive knowledge of this critical deal inspection framework and language of the revenue org. Follow Anthony Parker on LinkedIn at 

Dan Storey
Dan Storey is the author of Next Level Persuasion. Having trained thousands of salespeople across the world in NLP and Persuasion, Dan is experienced at bringing the essential tools and techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and psychology and teaching them in a business context that can be immediately applied in a sales context. Dan also regularly contributes to his personal blog at and also recently completed his MSc in Behavioural Psychology to gain even more insight into how we make decisions and can be influenced.