Episode #03 – Andrea Abbate on How Outreach Is Declining and How To Make Better Initial Connections

Check out Episode 3 of the Sales Enabled Podcast with Andrea Abbate. This episode is all about making outreach more effective and is essential listening for all SDRs out there!

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In Episode 3 of Sales Enabled, Dan Storey speaks with Andrea Abbate about the quality of outreach in salespeople, why it is on the decline, and the simple things sellers can do to immediately make better connections.

In this conversation, Dan and Andrea go deep into their recent experiences with SDRs, even sharing some of the examples of both good and bad outreach that they have been receiving lately, and provide coaching points that take a “probably not” to an “absolutely, yes!”.

Some of the specific talking points include:

  • Why technology is not necessarily the enemy, but it is making us lazy
  • How NOT to use the latest template from a cold outreach guru
  • Why talking about Lady Gaga had nothing to do with what came next
  • How to bridge from personal rapport to a business conversation
  • Exactly what we would say to us both if we were trying to sell to us

This episode is essential listening for anyone involved in sales outreach. If you are an SDR or BDR, this episode will change your life. If you are a sales leader, we have some strong lessons for you at the end of the episode. Please forward this episode to the people who need it the most.

More about Andrea Abbate:

Andrea Abbate is a global sales enablement leader, trainer and public speaker, with over 20 years of corporate experience across the US, EMEA and APAC.  Currently, Andrea is the Vice President of Revenue Enablement at Showpad, a leading sales enablement platform. She had a varied career spanning sales, training, recruitment, and arts fundraising.  Andrea first stepped into enablement during her 8 years at LinkedIn, moving from front line enterprise seller in EMEA, to building the enablement function in APAC, and leading all of enablement for global Go-to-Market.  Andrea is one of the Sales Enablement Collective’s 2023 “Ones to Watch” list of top sales enablers globally, and is an in-demand keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, podcaster and applied improv practitioner.  She holds an MBA from Manchester Business School in the UK, is a certified Executive Coach through Marshall Goldsmith, and is an award-winning podcaster through Tigerhall.  You can find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreaabbate/

Dan Storey
Dan Storey is the author of Next Level Persuasion. Having trained thousands of salespeople across the world in NLP and Persuasion, Dan is experienced at bringing the essential tools and techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and psychology and teaching them in a business context that can be immediately applied in a sales context. Dan also regularly contributes to his personal blog at DanStorey.com and also recently completed his MSc in Behavioural Psychology to gain even more insight into how we make decisions and can be influenced.