Sales Enabled Episode #06 – Travis Carson on How To Handle Pressure In Business & The Actions Needed To Create A Successful Future!

In Episode #06, Dan Storey speaks with Travis Carson about the neuro-biology of pressure and how to win “The Game of Business”.

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In episode 6 of Sales Enabled, Dan is speaking with Travis Carson from Kerage.

Travis has been coaching the Market Force Style Indicators and behavioural models for over 30 years, working with global companies such as Avis Car Rental, CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, Microsoft and WeWork. He is a sought-after presenter, coach, and trainer, and Travis’ clients think of him as their “Economic Chief of Staff”.

In this call, Dan and Travis dive deep into the neuro-biology of pressure, and how that affects each of us from a biological standpoint, rather than purely psychological. Travis explains how our brains are perfectly designed to help us survive in a world full of threats and danger, but how our brains have not adapted to deal with a world full of stress and pressure. Specifically, some of the topics they cover include:

  • How the brain is structured to protect us against long-extinct dangers and threats
  • Why we aren’t very good at playing “The Game of Business” and how we need to think differently if we are going to win
  • What is happening in our biology when we get under pressure, and some of the errors we make when acting without strategy
  • How even in a shrinking economy we can grow our identity and personal brand
  • How we should still be planning for the future, and the perfect balance of how we invest our time accordingly. 

In the show, Travis refers to two coaching models in particular, and we have included links to the visuals for these below:

Pressure Model

Income Equity Model


At the end of the show, Travis offers a free Marketforce Styles Indicator to listeners. This is an amazing tool that helps you understand your personal behavioural preferences, and especially highlights your tendencies when acting under pressure. To get your copy of the report, either:


This offer is limited to the first 25 responses, so please act now to get your copy. Also, requests are batched so please allow a couple of days to hear back regarding your free report. 

Dan Storey
Dan Storey is the author of Next Level Persuasion. Having trained thousands of salespeople across the world in NLP and Persuasion, Dan is experienced at bringing the essential tools and techniques from neuro-linguistic programming and psychology and teaching them in a business context that can be immediately applied in a sales context. Dan also regularly contributes to his personal blog at and also recently completed his MSc in Behavioural Psychology to gain even more insight into how we make decisions and can be influenced.